Directorate of Planning

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote sustainable socio-economic development and the welfare of Gambians through the development and implementation of policies that support macroeconomic stability and effective public financial management.

  • Core Mandate

    Promote sustainable economic growth, equity, social harmony, and balanced development through effective coordination of the formulation and implementation of National Development Plans.

  • Objectives

    To promote sustainable economic growth and balanced development through effective national development planning

  • Key Achievements
    • Establishment of a Planning Cadre and Planning Units in various Ministries
    • Development of a draft National Development Planning Policy (Awaiting Validation and Cabinet Approval)
    • First ever district level consultations in the formulation of the NDP (2018-2021)
  • Policies and Strategic Plans / Documents
    • PAGE Mid-Term Evaluation Report
    • MDG Terminal Report
    • NDP 2018-2021 (Validated but pending launching)
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